Table 15: Frequencies of major baseline symptoms of the 43 participants.

Major symptomsFrequencyProportion of the total (%)

Preference of warmth1739.5
Preference of coolness920.9
Night sweating511.6
Thirst/Dry mouth2251.2
Poor appetite511.6
Abdominal symptoms2353.5
 Abdominal distension1432.6
 Other discomfort1330.2
Abnormal bowel movement2046.5
 Loose stool/diarrhea1023.3
Alternate diarrhea and constipation614.0
Feeling of oppression/occasional pain in the chest614.0
Feeling stressful/anxiety/depression2455.8
Sleep disorder2353.5
Feeling sleepy1330.2
Dizziness/feeling light-headed24.7
Lower back/leg/knee pain1637.2