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Cardioprotective Effects of Salvianolic Acid A on Myocardial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury In Vivo and In Vitro

Table 1

Protein factors whose phosphorylation status altered in H2O2-induced H9c2 cells. H9c2 cells were pretreated with or without SAA (16 nM) for 24 h prior to incubation of cells with H2O2 for 1 h. Thereafter, proteins were extracted and analyzed. The phosphor-antibody microarray identified a list of protein factors whose phosphorylation status altered in H2O2-induced H9c2 cells treated with or without SAA. The signal intensities of phosphorylated proteins and the total proteins were determined. The ratio of each protein was determined as the ratio between the percentages of phosphorylated proteins of two groups. The phosphorylation induction ratio of the control group was given a value of 1.

Phosphorylation sitesRatio (H2O2/Control)Ratio (H2O2 + SAA/Control)Ratio (H2O2 + SAA/H2O2)

Increase in phosphorylation due to H2O2 treatment
ASK1 (p-Ser83)
ASK1 (p-Ser966)1.851.030.56
B-RAF (p-Ser446)2.230.790.35
Chk1 (p-Ser280)2.250.900.40
Chk1 (p-Ser317)1.590.940.59
Chk2 (p-Ser516)2.681.210.45
c-Jun (p-Thr91)1.340.880.66
FADD (p-Ser194)
FKHR (p-Ser319)2.781.020.37
FOXO1/3/4-PAN (p-Thr24/Thr32)2.451.060.43
FOXO1A (p-Ser329)2.821.010.36
HSP27 (p-Ser15)1.890.850.45
IκB-alpha (p-Ser32/Ser36)
IKK-beta (p-Tyr199)1.790.870.49
IKK-gamma (p-Ser85)2.321.030.44
JNK1/2/3 (p-Thr183/Tyr185)2.590.930.36
Lamin A/B (lamin A/C) (p-Ser392)1.580.770.49
MKK7/MAPK7 (p-Ser271)1.910.760.40
NF-κB-p65 (p-Thr254)1.730.780.45
NF-κB-p105 (p-Ser927)1.451.410.97
NF-κB-p65 (p-Ser276)1.430.790.56
NF-κB-p65 (p-Ser536)2.570.990.38
NF-κB-p100/p52 (p-Ser865)2.620.990.38
NF-κB-p65 (p-Ser468)2.210.730.33
PI3-kinase p85-subunit alpha/gamma (p-Tyr467/Tyr199)2.571.000.39
PTEN (p-Ser380)2.180.920.42
p53 (p-Ser392)2.880.960.33
p70S6K (p-Thr229)1.310.910.70
p70S6K-beta (p-Ser423)1.670.870.52
TAK1 (p-Thr184)1.600.980.61

Decrease in phosphorylation due to H2O2 treatment
AKT (p-Ser473)0.771.091.42
AKT1 (p-Thr72)0.791.091.39
Bcl-2 (p-Thr56)0.780.961.23
Bcl-2 (p-Ser70)0.700.981.41
BAD (p-Ser112)0.791.071.35
BID (p-Ser78)0.611.272.10
B-RAF (p-Thr598)0.661.051.59
Caspase-3 (p-Ser150)0.710.921.30
Caspase-8 (p-Ser347)0.651.001.54
CaMK II (p-Thr286)0.660.931.41
CDK1/CDC2 (p-Thr14)0.790.941.19
Chk1 (p-Ser286)0.611.021.68
Chk2 (p-Thr383)0.691.121.61
c-Jun (p-Ser243)0.680.981.44
ERK1-p44/42 MAP Kinase (p-Thr202)0.480.941.97
ERK1-p44/42 MAP Kinase (p-Tyr204)0.780.991.27
HSP27 (p-Ser82)0.791.021.28
HSP90-beta (p-Ser226)0.650.811.23
IKK-alpha (p-Thr23)0.750.951.26
IκB-epsilon (p-Ser22)0.740.921.26
IKK-gamma (p-Ser31)0.331.043.18
NF-κB-p65 (p-Ser311)0.621.071.73
NF-κB-p105/p50 (p-Ser907)0.760.921.20
NF-κB-p105/p50 (p-Ser932)0.611.031.69
p70S6K (p-Ser411)0.721.051.45
p90RSK (p-Ser380)0.780.891.15
p90RSK (p-Thr573)0.720.931.29
PKA CAT (p-Thr197)0.621.021.63
SAPK/JNK (p-Thr183)0.670.931.39
SAPK/JNK (p-Thr185)0.641.021.58

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