Research Article

Novel Diagnostic Model for the Deficient and Excess Pulse Qualities

Table 7

Fisher's discriminant analysis with ⟨ 𝑃 𝑃 𝑖 ⟩ , 𝑃 𝑃 𝑖 𝑚 ğ‘Ž 𝑥 , ⟨ 𝑀 𝑃 𝐴 𝑖 ⟩ , and 𝑀 𝑃 𝐴 𝑖 𝑚 ğ‘Ž 𝑥 .

⟨ P P 𝑖 ⟩ P P 𝑖 m a x ⟨ M P A 𝑖 ⟩ M P A 𝑖 m a x Sum

Entire data74.3%0.4764.3%0.3074.3%0.4870.0%0.3965.7%0.32