Figure 4: Effect of RQKL injection on cell apoptosis in prefrontal cortex of mice (TUNEL staining). After middle cerebral artery occlusion for 24 h, apoptotic cells were detected in the prefrontal cortex ((A), ×400). Apoptotic cells were labeled with red fluorescence. (a) sham, (b) ischemia, c-ischemia+QKL3ml/kg, d-ischemia+RQKL 6 mL/kg, (e) ischemia+RQKL3ml/kg, (f) ischemia+RQKL1.5 mL/kg. Five animals were selected from each group; three sections were selected from each site; and five 400-fold fields of view were randomly selected from each section to quantify the mean of positive cells. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM (B). , versus sham-surgery group; , versus model group.