Figure 5: Effect of RQKL on protein levels of caspase3, procaspase12, and P-elF2a in cortex of MCAO mouse. Mice were subjected to 1.5 h ischemia followed 22.5 h reperfusion. QKL or RQKL was injected immediately after ischemia. The tissue samples were from the cerebral cortex. The panels are representative Western blotting analyses of caspase3, procaspase12 and P-elF2a. The gray values were calculated, and protein levels were expressed by the ratio of aim protein/β-actin as mean ± SEM. Notes , versus normal, , versus ischemia, , versus ischemia, . Primary antibodies were diluted, caspase12 1 : 400, caspase3 1 : 2000, and P-elF2a 1 : 500.