Figure 6: Effects of RQKL injection on reactive oxidative species in mice undergoing middle cerebral artery occlusion. Relative intensity of red fluorescence represents reactive oxygen species (ROS) content in the prefrontal cortex ((A) ×200) regions of the injured hemisphere. (a) sham, (b) ischemia, (c) ischemia+QKL3ml/kg, (d) ischemia+RQKL 6 mL/kg, e-ischemia+RQKL3ml/kg, (f) ischemia+RQKL1.5 mL/kg. Relative fluorescence intensity in five sites from one section was determined by fluorescence microscopy. The mean value of ROS content was calculated and expressed as mean ± SEM (B). , versus sham, , versus ischemia, .