Table 2: Quality of the included studies.

Source (author, year)English/ChineseJadad scale score
RandomizationDouble blindingWithdrawals/dropoutsTotal score

Hirata et al.,1997 [53]English2114
Woo et al.,2003 [54]English1113
Haines et al.,2008 [55]English2215
Davis et al.,2001 [56]English2215
Plotnikoff et al., 2012 [34]English2114
Yasui et al., 2009 [57]English1012
Wiklund et al.,1999 [58]English1214
Grady et al.,2009 [59]English2215
Chen et al.,2003 [60]English1012
Qu et al.,2009 [63]English2002
Chang et al., 2012 [64]English2114
Kim et al., 2012 [65]English2114
Hsu et al.,2011 [66]English1203
Kwee et al.,2007 [67]English2215

Mean score////3.7

Zheng et al.,2009 [61]Chinese2002
Wei and Luo,2007 [62]Chinese2002
Chen et al.,2005 [68]Chinese1113
Lou et al.,2009 [69]Chinese2204
Wang et al.,2006 [70]Chinese2204
Wu et al.,2009 [71]Chinese2204
Li et al.,2009 [72]Chinese2013
Li et al.,2008 [73]Chinese2002
Liu et al.,2011 [74]Chinese1001

Mean score////2.8
Total mean score////3.3