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Effectiveness of Core Stability Exercises and Recovery Myofascial Release Massage on Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Table 1

Description of the CUIDATE (intervention) program.

CUIDATE program

Week 1–4

MaterialSmall soft ball, mats, and fit-ball

Endurance programUnspecific work during sessions

Exercise ProgramContentDosage and progression

(1) Half squat with arm movementWeek 1: Learning proposal. Assessment maximum load
Week 2-3: 75% maximum load
Increase 5% per week
Continue progression between exercises:
2 sets/30 sec pause
Week 4: 75% maximum load. Increase number series (3 sets)
Medium velocity execution exercises
Increase range of joint motion
(2) Standing rows with leg semiflexion maintained
(3) Wall push-ups
(4) Abdominal with lower limb movement
(5) All tours with hip and knee movement
(6) Abdominal with adductor isometric contraction and armmovement
(7) Standing hip circumduction
(8) Supine on fit-ball with arm movements
(9) Superman on fit-ball
(10) Oblique partial sit-up

Week 5–8

MaterialsFit-ball, elastic band, mats, and small soft ball

Endurance program10–25 min of fast working with arms movement two days per week

Exercise ProgramContentDosage and progression

(1) Chest press on fit-ball with elastic bandWeek 5: 10–12 repetitions × 2 sets
Week 6: 12–15 repetitions × 2 sets
Week 7: 10–12 repetitions × 3 sets
Week 8: 10–12 repetitions × 2 sets
Increase resistance with elastic band and positions that require more body control
(2) Squat with elastic band
(3) Seated rows on fit-ball with elastic band
(4) Isometric abdominal sitting on fit-ball with arm and leg movement
(5) Biceps curl on fit-ball with elastic band
(6) Biceps curl with elastic band and leg semiflexion maintained
(7) Leg curl with fit-ball
(8) Sit-up with lower limb movement

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