Table 3: Extraction yields, aspects, and phytochemical composition of the plant extracts.

Scientific namesPart usedYield (%)Physical aspectPhytochemical composition

Picralima nitidaFruits13.56Brown paste+++++++
Seeds17.27Brown paste+++++++
Citrus medicaFruits14.06Brown paste++
Allium sativumDry bulbs18.99Yellow powder
Fresh bulbs4.04Brown powder
Buchholzia coriaceaSeeds6.36Brown paste++
Cola acuminataSeeds8.81Brown paste++++++
Garcinia kolaSeeds13.56Dark brown paste++++++
Garcinia lucidaSeeds23.92Brown paste+++++
Carica papayaSeeds6.33Oily paste+++
Allium cepaFresh bulbs18.93Brown paste+++
Dry bulbs49.26Brown paste++

(+): present; (−): absent; *The yield was calculated as the ratio of the mass of the obtained methanol extract/mass of the plant powder or fresh sample.