Table 2: Homogeneity tests of the outcomes between the groups.

OutcomeTai chi (n = 14)Control (n = 14)tP

IPSS −1.030.31
QoL of BPH −0.240.87
 urination-related discomfort 0.0011.00
 Worry & concern 0.310.76
 Interference with daily activities 0.680.51
Testosterone (ng/mL) 0.700.49
Insulin ( U/mL) −0.740.47
Blood glucose (mg/dL) −0.460.65
QUICKI −0.790.44

Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; IPSS: international prostate symptoms score; QoL of BPH: quality of life of benign prostate hyperplasia
QUICKI: quantitative insulin sensitivity check index.