Table 2: Significantly enriched GO term among top 0.1% candidate target genes of QSKL compositive compounds.

GO term IDGO term name value

GO:0006520Cellular amino acid metabolic process
GO:0009058Biosynthetic process
GO:0044281Small molecule metabolic process
GO:0034641Cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process
GO:0003013Circulatory system process
GO:0006399tRNA metabolic process
GO:0007267Cell-cell signaling
GO:0006950Response to stress
GO:0042592Homeostatic process
GO:0055085Transmembrane transport
GO:0071941Nitrogen cycle metabolic process
GO:0050877Neurological system process
GO:0006461Protein complex assembly
GO:0019748Secondary metabolic process
GO:0065003Macromolecular complex assembly

The top 0.1% candidate target genes are significantly enriched with genes annotated with a GO term when its corresponding upper-tailed value of hypergeometric cumulative distribution is smaller than 0.05. These GO terms are ranked according to the order of the increasing values.