Research Article

A Therapeutic Approach for Wound Healing by Using Essential Oils of Cupressus and Juniperus Species Growing in Turkey

Table 5

Wound healing processes and healing phases of the vehicle, negative control, test ointments, and Madecassol-administered animals.

GroupsWound healing processes

Negative control++/++++++++/++++++++++/+++++
C. sempervirens var. horizontalis ++/+++++/+++++/+++++++++/+++++/+++
C. sempervirens var. pyramidalis ++++/++++++++/++++++
J. communis subsp. nana Syme.++/+++++/+++++/++++++/+++++++
J.excelsa ++/+++++/++++++/+++++++/++
J. foetidissima+/+++/++−/++++/+++/+++/++++
J. oxycedrus subsp. oxycedrus +++/++−/++++/+++/+++/+++/++
J. phoenicea+/+++/++−/++++/+++/+++/++++

HE- and VG-stained sections were scored as mild (+), moderate (++), and severe (+++) for epidermal and/or dermal remodeling. S: scab, U: ulcer, RE: re-epithelization, FP: fibroblast proliferation, CD: collagen depositions, MNC: mononuclear cells, PMN: polymorphonuclear cells, NV: neovascularization, I: inflammation phase, P: proliferation phase, and R: remodeling phase.