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Research Article

Inhibition of Activity of GABA Transporter GAT1 by -Opioid Receptor

Figure 1

Effect of chronic morphine treatment on GABA uptake activity in rats. Uptake activity was measured in synaptosomes of untreated rats (control) and of rats after 10 days of morphine injection twice a day (hatched bars). Data were normalized to the rate of uptake into synaptosomes of controls. For treated rats, rate of GABA uptake was determined 12 hr after the termination of treatment (morphine), with an additional injection of morphine (s.c. 10 mg/kg) 1 hr before sacrificing (morphine + morphine) or with an additional injection of both morphine and naloxone (i.p. 2 mg/kg) 1 hr before sacrificing (morphine + morphine + naloxone). , compared to data from control animals; in each group. Error bars represent SEM.