Figure 3: Topical apigenin improves stratum corneum function in murine model of subacute allergic contact dermatitis. Subacute dermatitis model was established as described in Materials and Methods. On the 8th day, basal transepidermal water loss, skin surface pH, and stratum corneum (SC) hydration were assessed with an MPA5 (CK electronic GmbH, Cologne, Germany) connected to TM 300, pH905, and Corneometer 825. Two readings were taken from each mouse for basal TEWL, hydration, as well as pH. (a) indicates a reduction in transepidermal water loss following apigenin treatment; (b) shows apigenin induced an increase in stratum corneum hydration; (c) exhibits a lower skin surface pH after apigenin treatment. Numbers and significances are indicated in the figures.