Table 1: Characteristics and methodological quality of included studies.

Study IDSampleDiagnosis standardInterventionControlCourse (week)Followup (month)Outcome measure

Du et al. [8]120CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus fluoxetineamitriptyline paroxetine6–8HAMD and TESS score, side effect
Huang and Gan [9]69ICD-10Shugan jieyu formulaamitriptyline6clinical effect, side effect
Huo et al. [10]72CCMD-3danzhi xiaoyao decoction plus fluoxetinefluoxetine6clinical effect, HAMD, HAMA and CJI score, side effect
J. Li et al. [11]60CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus imipramineimipramine8clinical effect, HAMD score, side effect
Y. J. Li et al. [12]66CCMD-3, ICD-10danzhixiaoyao powdermaprotiline6HAMD score, 5-HT, NE, EDNF, CORT, IL-6, IL-1β
H. Li et al. [13]80Unclearxiaoyao powder plus fluoxetinefluoxetine612clinical effect, HAMD, SDS score, side effect
Liu and Chen 2007 [14]78“practice of internal medicine”-3danzhixiaoyao powder plus amitriptylineamitriptyline8clinical effect, HAMD score
Luo et al. 2006 [15]66CCMD-3, ICD-10danzhixiaoyao powdermaprotiline6symptoms, clinical effect, HAMD, SDS, SAS and Asberg score, side effect
Ma 2007 [16]60CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus citalopramcitalopram812clinical effect, HAMD and Tess score, side effect
C. Y. Wang et al. 2004 [17]200CCMD-2-Rguipi xiaoyao pillvenlafaxine4clinical effect, SDS score, side effect
R. C. Wang 2008 [18]60CCMD-3modifiedxiaoyao powderamitriptyline6clinical effect, HAMD score, side effect
T. Y. Wang 2001 [19]61CCMD-2-R ICD-10danzhixiaoyao decoctionfluoxetine6clinical effect, SDS score, side effect
W. A. Wang et al. 2005 [20]68CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus doxepinfluoxetine6clinical effect, HAMD and HAMA score, side effect
Y. Wang and Liu [21]60CCMD-3danzhixiaoyao powder plus fluoxetinefluoxetine8clinical effect, HAMD and CGI-SI score, side effect
Wei et al. 1999 [22]60CCMD-2-Rxiaoyao powder plus amitriptylineamitriptyline4clinical effect
Xian et al. [23]60CCMD-3xiaoyao powderfluoxetine6symptoms, clinical effect, HAMD score
Xiao [24]66CCMD-3danzhixiaoyao powder plus clomipramineclomipramine8clinical effect
Yang and Xie [25]58CCMD-2xiaoyao powder plus amitriptyline or clomipramineamitriptyline or clomipramine12clinical effect, TESS score, side effect
Yang et al. [26]64CCMD-3modified xiaoyao pill plus amitriptylinefluoxetine123clinical effect, HAMD score, side effect
Zhai et al. [7]24CCMD-2-Rxiaoyao powder plus doxepindoxepin8clinical effect, HAMD and TESS score, side effect
Zhang et al. [27]59CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus fluoxetinefluoxetine6clinical effect, HAMD and TESS score, side effect
Zhang [28]50CCMD-3xiaoyao pill plus fluoxetinefluoxetine6HAMD score, side effect
Zhao and Jiang [29]66CCMD-3modified xiaoyao powder plus amitriptylineamitriptyline12symptoms, clinical effect, HAMD score, side effect
Zhou and Li [30]90CCMD-3xiaoyao powderfluoxetine8symptoms, clinical effect, HAMD and SDS score, side effect
Zhu [31]60CCMD-2xiaoyao pill plus venlafaxinevenlafaxine10HAMD score, side effect
Zhu and Li [32]60CCMD-2xiaoyao powder plus amitriptylineamitriptyline8clinical effect, side effect