Research Article

Testing Homeopathy in Mouse Emotional Response Models: Pooled Data Analysis of Two Series of Studies

Table 1

Features of the two series of experiments testing Gelsemium s. on mouse behaviour.

Series no. 1Series no. 2

Mouse producerHarlanCharles River
Light/dark cycleLight during day (h 7–19)Light during day (h 7–19)
Drug administration0.3 mL/day for 8 days, i.p.0.3 mL/day for 8 days, i.p.
Test sequence1st day: light-dark
2nd day: open field
1st day: open field
2nd day: light-dark
Test schedule30 min–320 min after last drug administration30 min–90 min after last injection
Number of complete experimentsControl (solvent)86
Gels 4Cn.t.6
Gels 5C86
Gels 7C36
Gels 9Cn.t.6
Gels 30C26