Table 1: Characteristics of the study intervention.


Screening visit10 minutes(i) Patient receives general instructions about the intervention by the study manager
(ii) Patient receives study CD player if needed, intervention CD, and mindfulness diary
Study CD player
Intervention CD
Mindfulness diary

Phone sessions
30 minutes(i) Instructor checks on patient ability to practice specific mindfulness technique(s) taught during previous session(s)
(ii) Instructor inquires about symptoms/side effects
(iii) Instructor guides patient in mindfulness exercise and receives feedback from patient
(iv) Instructor and patient develop goals for next session
(v) Instructor encourages participant to practice mindfulness technique with help of study CD (specifies track, 20′every day)
(vi) Instructor arranges next phone session
(vii) Instructor completes intervention checklist
(viii) Instructor reports problems to study manager
Intervention checklist Digital recorder for session recording by the instructor