Table 1: The 16 items of the acupuncture fear scale.

Acupuncture fear scale items

AFS1. Seeing an acupuncture needle
AFS2. Seeing an acupuncture needle puncturing my skin
AFS3. Seeing an acupuncture needle puncturing another person’s skin
AFS4. The stinging sensation of an acupuncture needle puncturing my skin
AFS5. An acupuncture needle entering my body’s flesh
AFS6. Acupuncture treatment on my face
AFS7. Acupuncture treatment on my hands and/or feet
AFS8. Acupuncture treatment on my torso
AFS9. The possibility of having acupuncture needles in the wrong areas
AFS10. The possible occurrence of unpleasant sensation due to acupuncture treatment
AFS11. The possible occurrence of nerve damage due to acupuncture treatment
AFS12. Persistent pain possibly occurring after acupuncture treatment
AFS13. The possible occurrence of bleeding due to acupuncture treatment
AFS14. The possibility of bruising due to acupuncture treatment
AFS15. The possibility of an infection occurring due to acupuncture treatment
AFS16. The possibility of damage to other parts of my body (parts of the body not exposed to acupuncture treatment) due to acupuncture treatment