Table 1: Several ancient herbal formulas that form consensus with modern medicine.

FormulaOriginCompositionFunctionTraditional applicationModern application

Ginseng Decoction [30]Shiyao Shenshu from Xiuyuerubanjing HouluLarge ginseng 20–30 gInvigorating qi to prevent prostrationIt is seen after hemorrhage, ulcer, and sore. Those who get qi and blood deficiency, pale complexion, aversion to cold with fever, cold limbs, spontaneous sweating or cold sweating, and faint pulse catch this kind of disease.Hemorrhagic or cardiogenic shock

Sini Decoction [16, 31]Taiyang meridian syndrome from Treatise on Febrile DiseasesRadix Glycyrrhizae Preparate (monarch, two liang), Rhizoma Zingiberis (minister, one and half liang), Radix Aconiti Preparata (assistant, one piece, uncooked)Warming the middle energizer to dispel cold, Rescuing from collapse by restoring YangShanghan Taiyang disease which is mistakenly treated by sweating method damages yang, yangming, taiyin, shaoyin, jueyin and cholera, displaying such symptom as deadly cold hand and foot, aversion to cold, vomiting and no eagerness to drink, hypogastralgia and diarrhea, spiritual deficiency and always sleeping, white and slippery tongue coating, faint pulse, and such diseases as plague, malaria, Jue disease, Collapse disease and pain disease. All above belong to yin syndrome.Multiple shocks

Zhenwu Decoction [15]Shaoyin meridian syndrome from Treatise on Febrile DiseasesPoria cocos, Paeonia Lactiflora Pall, Ginger (sliced) each three liang, Atractylodes macrocephala koidz (two liang), Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata (one piece, processed)Warming yang to promote diuresisIt directs to deficiency of spleen-yang and kidney-yang and Water and Dampness Retention. The syndromes show as follows: dysuria; heavy limbs with pain; hypogastralgia and diarrhea; limb swelling; white tongue coating and no eagerness to drink; deep pulse; taiyang-diseases which are overused sweating method; edema due to yang insufficiency; sweating but not relieve the symptom; fever; epigastric throb; dizziness; trembling body.Cardiogenic or renal edema

Yupingfeng Powder [17]Spontaneous Sweating Decoction from Danxi's experiential therapySaposhnikovia divaricata, Radix astragali, one liang each, Atractylodes macrocephala koidz (two liang) Three qian. The above with one and half cup of water and three pieces of gingerTonifying Spleen and supplementing defending qi; Consolidating exterior for arresting sweatingIt is called by TCM immunomodulator. It treats spontaneous sweating due to deficiency of yang, susceptibility of pathogenic wind; body injury by wind, rain, cold and dampness, and withered skin; sweating and disgusting wind; pale complexion, pale tongue, and thin-white coating, floating and deficient pulse. It also treats deficient people with loosened striae and susceptibility of pathogenic wind.Rising the immune function