Figure 4: Ovatodiolide inhibits in vivo tumorigenicity. (a) 786-O and ACHN cells were xenografted each in six mice. Xenografted mice were treated with 50 μg/kg, 100 μg/kg ovatodiolide or DMSO control. (b) Tumor volume of 50 μg/kg, 100 μg/kg ovatodiolide treatment or DMSO control. Data are mean SD of triplicate experiments. (c) Western blot analysis of protein levels of β-catenin, p-AKT (S473), p-GSK3β (S9), cyclin D1 and survivin with ovatodiolide (100 μg/kg). (d) Immunohistochemistry of β-catenin nuclear translocation and quantity in mice, and cell cycle (Ki-67 level) and survival (survivin level).