Table 2: Arthritis-related pharmacological therapy.

CharacteristicGroup I—ILBI Group II—Placebo Statistical confidence

Current administration of DMARDs
Methotrexate—no. (%)12 (85.6)7 (77.8)NS
Methotrexate mean dose ± SD per patient—mg/m2/week NS
All patients receiving Methotrexate were also prescribed folic acid 5 mg, which was given the morning following Methotrexate administration, as per local protocol
Other DMARDs—no. (%)0 (0)0 (0)NS
Current administration of corticosteroids
Oral corticosteroid—no. (%)10 (71.4)7 (77.8)NS
Oral corticosteroid—Prednisolone equivalent mean dose ± SD per patient—mg/kg/day NS
I.v. Prednisolone—no. (%)4 (28.6)2 (22.2)NS
I.v. Prednisolone—no. of boluses per month per patient (30 mg/kg, max 1 g); mean ± SD NS
Intraarticular Prednisolone—no. (%)3 (21.4)3 (33.3)NS
Intraarticular Prednisolone—no. of joints per patient (1.5–2.5 mg/small joint; 25–50 mg/large joints); mean ± SD NS
Current administration of biological agents
Etanercept—no. (%)14 (100)9 (100)NS
Etanercept mean dose ± SD per patient—mg/kg, twice a week NS
Other biological agents—no. (%)00NS

NS: nonsignificant difference between the two groups, value ≥ 0.05. DMARDs: disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs.