Table 4: Characteristics of 142 HIV patients.


Yang-Deficient Constitution score25
HIV disease staging
CD4 count
 Baseline 113
 3 months after HAART202
 6 months after HAART206
 9 months after HAART229
 12 months after HAART269
CD8 count
 3 months after HAART837
 6 months after HAART836
 9 months after HAART861
 12 months after HAART934
Highly active antiretroviral therapy
Infection status before starting HAART
 Presence of infection before starting HAART50
 Hepatitis B16
 Hepatitis C19
 Pulmonary tuberculosis30
 Extrapulmonary tuberculosis12
 Superficial fungal infections37
 Visceral fungal infections31
 Intestinal infections10
 Encephalitis and meningitis5
 Sexually transmitted disease2
Newly acquired infection after HAART
 Presence of newly acquired infection after HAART29
 Pulmonary tuberculosis1
 Extrapulmonary tuberculosis6
 Superficial fungal infections2
 Visceral fungal infections6
 Intestinal infections8
 Encephalitis and meningitis2
 Other infections5
Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)9
Adverse events
 Gastrointestinal reaction 44
 Mouth epithelium ulcer and pharyngitis7
 Cerebral symptom 26
 Hematologic toxicity48
 Abnormal lipid metabolism26
 Sensory nerve dysfunction17
Total number of side effects24
Number of days an infection occurred after HAART initiation 80