Research Article

Effect of Jeju Water on Blood Glucose Levels in Diabetic Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Table 1

Geographic features, physicochemical characteristics, mineral contents, and trace elements of the study waters.


TypeTap waterGroundwaterGroundwater
RegionGayang-dong, SeoulGyorae-ri, JejuDaepo-dong, Jeju
pH 0.025
Electrical conductivity (μs/cm) 0.027
Hardness (mg/L) 0.027
F (mg/L) 0.061
Cl (mg/L) 0.026
NO3 (mg/L) 0.044
SO4 (mg/L) 0.050
Ca (mg/L) 0.044
K (mg/L) 0.026
Mg (mg/L) 0.249
Na (mg/L) 0.027
SiO2 (mg/L) 0.044
V (mg/L) 0.027
Al (μg/L) 0.027
B (μg/L) 0.561
Fe (μg/L) 0.066
Cr (μg/L) 0.860
Zn (μg/L) 0.027
Mn (μg/L) 0.057

Data are expressed as means ± SE from three independent measurements.
*Kruskal-Wallis test.