Figure 6: Differential regulation of GR phosphorylation by propolis extract. Following the FST procedure, the hippocampus was dissected and frozen on dry ice. The no FST (naive) group was used as a control group. (a) Representative western blot images showing the expression of pGR(S220), pGR(S234), GR, and β-actin from hippocampal lysates. Average band intensity of (b) GR, (c) pGR(S232), (d) pGR(S234), and (e) pGR(S220)/(S234) ratio. GR protein was normalized by β-actin. pGR(S220) and pGR(S234) were normalized by total GR protein. The columns and error bars represent means ± SEM ( per group). Data were analyzed using a one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post hoc test. P200: propolis extract (200 mg/kg). , versus naive; , versus vehicle.