Figure 7: Western blot and real-time PCR analyses of Notch-1, Hes1, and Dll4 expressions in vivo. (a) Western blotting revealed that Notch-1 and Hes1 were highly expressed in the model CD44+ compared to the model CD44− group. β-Elemene inhibited the expression of Notch-1 and Hes1 in a dose-dependent manner, and statistically significant differences could be detected in the 50 mg/kg and 100 mg/kg groups. However, statistically significant differences in Dll4 expression could only be detected between the model CD44+ group and model CD44− group, and β-elemene failed to inhibit the expression of Dll4 in a dose-dependent manner. We found no statistically significant differences between any of the β-elemene-treated groups. (b) The variation of Notch-1, Hes1, and Dll4 expressions in the experimental groups was further confirmed by RT-PCR.