Figure 2: Vitexicarpin inhibits VEGF-induce migration and tube formation. Vitexicarpin at a range of concentrations (0.1 μM–5 μM) concentration dependently inhibits HUVEC migration caused by wound healing (a) and HUVEC invasion using transwell chamber chemotaxis assay (b). (c) Vitexicarpin inhibits VEGF-induced tube formation of HUVECs. Representative results of HUVECs on Matrigel in the absence or presence of 10 ng/mL or 50 ng/mL VEGF plus different concentrations of vitexicarpin. (d) Vitexicarpin inhibits the enzyme activity of MMP2. Gel Zymography analysis of the effect of vitexicarpin on MMP2 activity. ; compared with VEGF group. Error bars represent ± SD of experiments.