Research Article

The Effect of Electroacupuncture on Osteosarcoma Tumor Growth and Metastasis: Analysis of Different Treatment Regimens

Figure 6

Graphs illustrating the effects of electroacupuncture (EA) given twice weekly beginning PID 3 (EA-2X/3) on the average metastatic tumor area within the lung ((a) and (b); –6/group) and on the average lung area ((c) and (d); /group) at PID 40 (a) and PID 60 (b). The average metastatic tumor area was significantly reduced in the EA-2X/3 group on both PID 40 and PID 60. EA-2X/3 had no effect on the average lung area. Sections were stained by H&E, data shown as mean ± SEM; * or ** as compared to Tumor-No EA control.