Research Article

Peroxidase as the Major Protein Constituent in Areca Nut and Identification of Its Natural Substrates

Figure 1

Purification of the major protein component in the areca nut. (a) SDS-PAGE analysis of the concentrated extract. M, prestained protein marker with the molecular weights indicated on the left. AN, areca nut extract. (b) SDS-PAGE analysis of the collected brown-colored fractions from DEAE-cellulose chromatography. The collected fraction number is indicated at the top. The upper and lower bands were bracketed for identification purposes. (c) PMF for the upper and lower bands. The molecular mass of each tryptic peptide is indicated at the top. (d) Wavelength scanning of the purified brown-colored protein. (e) Determination of the molecular mass for the purified protein by MALDI-TOF.