Figure 3: Effect of Armillaridin on mitochondrial transmembrane potential reduction, apoptosis, and caspase inhibitor activity in CE81T/VGH cells. (a) Representative mitochondrial transmembrane potential histograms were shown as CE81T/VGH cells treated with Armillaridin for 24 hours. (b) Relative level of mitochondrial transmembrane potential. (c) The amount of cells with early apoptosis (FITC+/PI cells) by the Annexin V/PI staining assay. (d) Caspase 3 activity with or without pretreatment with pan caspase inhibitor at day 1 (closed column) and day 2 (opened column). Results are mean SE from three independent experiments. Significant differences between control cells and cells treated with AM 20  M are indicated by * . AM: Armillaridin.