Table 1: Participant characteristics.


FP002M69R hip, lumbar spine
FP003F73Lumbar spine
FP004F61R knee
FP006F70Both knees, lumbar spine
FP007F72R knee, lumbar spine
FP008F63Both knees
FP009F71L ankle, L knee, R toe
FP010F75R hip
FP011F59L knee
FP012F62Multiple joint arthritis; fusion of large toes of both feet July 2011
FP013F63L knee
FP017M68Knees, lumbar spine; at reassessment: Morton’s neuroma and plantar fasciitis on L; injured cartilage L knee
FP018F61R knee and hip
FP019F67Neck, lumbar spine, knees
FP023F72Both knees