Figure 13: Resting potential and spontaneous activity of the potential in a Bonghan corpuscle (BHC): (a) at the moment of the microcapillary insertion into a cell membrane of a BHC. The potential decreases abruptly by about 38 mV from the reference potential of the bath. is the potential drop. The potential increased slowly to the resting potential by 6.7 mV. is the small increase, and is the time of the increase (45.2 sec). The resting potential remained stable with fine background fluctuations, and the irregular activity of spontaneously evoked spikes in the resting potential arose for a duration ( ) of about 16.6 seconds. (b) The spontaneous activity in the resting potential was examined more closely. The average amplitude ( ) is 1.1 mV, and the average period ( ) is 0.8 sec. (c) More magnified view of the spontaneous activity. A spike has an average half-width ( ) of 0.27 seconds.