Research Article

Detoxification Combining Fasting with Fluid Therapy for Refractory Cases of Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Table 1

Patient summary.

CaseAgeGenderOther atopyDuration (unit: days)Western medicineHM type ATSerum IgEEosin countASO titer
HospitalizationVLCD ProgramFluid therapy

119MaleAR, AC, and food allergy (crab)774NoneDecoction + ointmentYes1680240116
230MaleAR, AC, and asthma774NoneDecoction + ointmentYes140001340273
320FemaleAR1285Topical steroidDecoction + ointment + wet wrap dressingYes4751510284
422MaleAR, food allergy (soybean)884NoneDecoction + ointmentYes460None106
529MaleND15125NoneDecoction + ointment + wet wrap dressingYes<18130202
625MaleFood allergy884No response to topical and systemic steroid therapyDecoction + ointment + wet wrap dressingYes3911700101
723FemaleSD884NoneDecoction + ointmentYes2400210201

AR: allergic rhinitis; AC: allergic conjunctivitis; ND: nummular dermatitis; SD: seborrheic dermatitis; VLCD: very low calorie diet; HM: herbal medicine; AT: acupuncture treatment; IgE: immunoglobulin E; ASO: antistreptolysin O.