Figure 2: but not monocytes were massively recruited into CCl4-injured livers. (a) Flow cytometric analysis of intrahepatic monocytes. Non-parenchymal cells (NPCs) were isolated from CCl4-injured livers, and leukocytes were firstly gated on CD45+; then two monocyte subsets were distinguished based on CD11b and F4/80 expressions. The CD11b+F4/80+ subset (right upper gate) expresses high Gr1; the CD11b+F4/80 population expresses low Gr1. The percentage of cells in selected gates is indicated. (b) NPCs were isolated from livers of different experimental groups at 24 h and 48 h after CCl4 injection. The total number of NPCs, the percentage and absolute number of CD45+ leukocytes in NPCs, and the percentage and absolute number of different monocyte subsets in NPCs were analyzed by flow cytometry using the strategy depicted in (a). Data are expressed as the mean ± (SD) ( mice/group). versus normal control (0 h).