Figure 3: Mat inhibited the recruitment of monocytes into acute liver injury. C57BL/6 mice were injected i.p. with CCl4 (0.6 mL/kg). Mat (30 mg/kg) was administrated orally 3 h before CCl4 injection. NPCs were isolated from livers of different experimental groups at 24 after CCl4 injection. (a) The total number of NPCs, (b) the percentage of CD45+ leukocytes in NPCs, (c) the absolute number of CD45+ leukocytes in NPCs, (d) the percentage of different monocyte subsets in NPCs, and (e) the absolute number of different monocyte subsets were analyzed by flow cytometry. Data are expressed as the mean ± (SD) ( mice/group). versus CCl4-only group; versus normal control group.