Table 3: Reporting quality of 4 included RCTs based on revised STRICTA.

Checklist itemHollifield et al. [18]
Zhang et al. [25](2010) Zhang et al. [26](2010) Zhang et al. [27](2011)

(1) Acupuncture rationale
 (1a) Style of
  (1b) Reasoning for
 treatment provided
A paper by Napadow et al., 2005 [42]A paper by Hollifield et al., 2007 [18]A paper by Hollifield et al., 2007 [18]n.r.
  (1c) Extent to which
 treatment was varied
2 types of AT
(1) AT: 25 fixed needles plus up to 3 flexible needles within 15 points
(2) AAT: ≥6 vaccaria seeds
Fixed interventions
(A) EA only
(B) EA + moxa
(C) EA + AAT
Fixed interventions
EA + moxa
Fixed intervention

(2) Details of needling
  (2a) Number of needle
 per subject per session
(1) AT: 25 plus up to 3 needles
(2) AAT: ≥6 vaccaria seeds
(1) EA: 8 needles
(2) AAT: 6 vaccaria seeds
EA: 8 needlesunclear.
  (2b) Names of points
(1) AT: bilateral at LR3, PC6, HT7, ST36, SP6, GB20, BL14, 15, 18, 20, 21 and 23/unilateral at Yintang
(2) AAT: unilateral at Shenmen, Sympathetic, Liver, Kidney, Lung points
(1) EA: bilateral at GB20/unilateral at GV24, EX-HN1, GV20
(2) AAT: unilateral at Subcortex, Shenmen, Sympathetic, Heart, Liver, Kidney
(3) moxa: bilateral at BL23, BL52/unilateral at GV4
(1) EA: bilateral at GB20/unilateral at GV24, EX-HN1, GV20
(2) moxa: bilateral at BL23, BL52/unilateral at GV4
Unilateral at left PC8
  (2c) Depth of insertion(1) AT: 1/4 to 1/2 inch
(2) AAT: not inserted
(1) EA: 0.5 to 1.2 cun
(2) AAT: not inserted
EA: 0.5 to 1.2 cunn.r.
  (2d) Responses sought(1) AT: n.r.
(2) AAT: not applicable
(1) EA: de-qi
(2) AAT: not applicable.
EA: de-qin.r.
  (2e) Needle stimulation(1) AT: manipulation
(2) AAT: self-massage on the seeds for 15 min/d
(1) EA: electrical stimulation, 100 Hz
(2) AAT: 1-2 min pressure
EA: electrical stimulation,
5~8.3 Hz
A Japanese stimulator with 50 Hz was used
  (2f) Needle retention
(1) AT: 25–40 min
(2) AAT: unclear
(A) 30 min
(B) 30 min
(C) 30 min
30 minUnclear, but the left PC8 was stimulated for 30 min
  (2g) Needle type(1) AT: Viva needles, 34 g
(2) AAT: vaccaria seeds
(1) EA: 0.30 mm 40 mm
(2) AAT: vaccaria seeds

(3) Treatment regimen
  (3a) Number of
 treatment sessions
24 sessions36 sessions(1) EA: 18 sessions
(2) moxa: 36 sessions
3~4 sessions*
  (3b) Frequency and
 of treatment sessions
Twice a week, 1 hour per session, 12 weeksThree times a week, 12 weeks(1) EA: three times a week, 6 weeks
(2) moxa: three times a week, 12 weeks
A time every other day for 1 week

(4) Other components
of treatment
  (4a) Details of other
 to the acupuncture
Patients were taught how to use vaccaria seeds for symptom management(3) moxa: 30 g and 20 min/session, wooden moxibustion box 20 mm 15 mm 12 mm(2) moxa: 20 min/sessionCBT
  (4b) Setting and context
 of treatment

(5) Practitioner background
  (5) Description of
Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico with 4 years postgraduate TCM clinical experiencen.r.n.r.n.r.

(6) Control or comparator interventions
  (6a) Rationale for the
 or comparator
(B) A review by Bisson and Andrew, 2005 [43] (C) not applicableApproval of FDA n.r.n.r.
  (6b) Precise description
 of the control or
(D) Oral SSRI (Paroxetine 20 mg, once/day, 12 weeks)
Oral SSRI (Paroxetine 20 mg, once/day, 12 weeks)(B) CBT

Abbreviations: RCT: randomized controlled trial; TCM: traditional Chinese medicine; n.r: not reported; AT: classical acupuncture; EA: electro-acupuncture; moxa, moxibustion; AAT: auricular acupuncture; CBT: cognitive behavioral therapy; WLC: waitlist control; SSRI: selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
*treated a time every other day for 1 week.