Figure 5: Acute effects of WE, WEL, and WES on serum glucose concentrations in an intraperitoneal glucose tolerance test (ipGTT). High-fat-fed mice were fasted for 6 hr and orally administered with a single dose of WE (2100 mg/kgBW), WES (1800 mg/kgBW) or WEL (300 mg/kgBW) or vehicle containing equivalent amount of glucose as in WE. Thirty minutes later, they were i.p. injected with 1 g/kg BW glucose for ipGTT. Changes in serum glucose were shown in (a) WE, WES versus Vehicle and (b) WE, WEL versus vehicle. Data are mean ± SD. * and ** denote significant difference compared to vehicle-treated mice analyzed by Student’s test.