Table 3: Adverse events reported at I2 (2–4 weeks after the last treatment session).

Adverse events reported at I2# of events% of events

Pain during or immediately after therapy1828.6
Fatigue immediately after therapy1320.6
Stranguria/rectal tenesmus immediately after therapy69.5
Nausea immediately after therapy57.9
Adynamia immediately after therapy34.8
General tension immediately after therapy23.2
Pruritus immediately after therapy23.2
Metastasis of breast cancer: (w)11.6
Once-only reported events*1320.6


(w): withdrawal before treatment; #: number.
Flatulence, swollen hands, muscle cramp, irritated skin, weight reduction, broncholysis, vomiting, vertigo, increased production of bronchial mucus, dry eyes, asthmatic attack, recrudescence of rosacea, and sleep disturbance.