Table 1: Relationship of some of the 2,884 international patents (Chemical Abstracts).


1904USA“Composition for treating piano pins and strings”US767499
1920Unavailable“Paint vehicles”GB146986
1921USA“Waterproof paint”US1401261
1952Unavailable“Tooth paste and oral disinfectant”AT172063
1969USSR“A dental elixir”SU240182
1979Romania“A powder containing soluble propolis”RO67036
1990Japan“Processed food containing propolis”JP02154652
1995USA“Treatment of acne/Pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of acne containing extracts of propolis, verbascum, etc”US5399349
2009Turkey“Use of propolis as base material under dental inlays and as filling material for root canals”TR2009000486
2011Turkey“Extract of propolis and Cramp Bark (Viburnum opulus) with high content of phenolic compounds useful as natural remedy”TR2011000075
2012Korea“Method for manufacturing functional food containing propolis”KR2012136769