Research Article

Saikosaponin-d Enhances the Anticancer Potency of TNF- via Overcoming Its Undesirable Response of Activating NF-Kappa B Signalling in Cancer Cells

Figure 4

Diminishing effect of Ssd on the TNF-α-inducted antiapoptotic genes expression. (a) Ssd abates TNF-α-mediated NF-κB-dependent anti-apoptotic genes expression in cancer cells. HepG2 and HeLa cells were pretreated with 20 ng/mL TNF-α for 60 min and then subjected to 10 μM of Ssd treatment for indicated time intervals, and the whole cell extracts were prepared and analyzed by Western blotting. (b) Ssd induces the cleavage of procaspases in cancer cells. HepG2 and HeLa cells were treated with indicated concentrations of Ssd (7.5, 10, 12.5 or 15 μM) for 24 h. The whole cell extracts were then prepared analyzed by Western blot using antibodies against procaspases 3, 7, and 9; while actin was used as loading control. Gel images are representative of three independent experiments.