Figure 7: WE-CN induces IL-12 expression and NF-κB activity through a TLR-4- and/or TLR-2-dependent signaling pathway. BMDCs were harvested from C3H/HeN, C3H/HeJ (TLR-4-deficient), C57BL/6, or TLR-2 KO mice and stimulated with WE-CN (100 μg/mL), LPS (100 ng/mL) or LTA (1 μg/mL). (a) IL-12 cytokine production and (b) NF-κB binding activity were measured 24 hr later (or 3 hr later for the NF-κB binding assay). The data shown represent the mean ± SD of samples from three wells. * for the comparison between stimulated BMDCs from the mutant mice and their relevant wild-type control group. All data are representative of three independent experiments showing similar results.