Table 1: Basic information for main TCM databases.

DatabaseDescriptionURL or ref.

Traditional Chinese medicine database (TCMD)6760 herbs, 23,033 compounds[12]
Chinese herb constituents database (CHCD)240 herbs, 8264 compounds[15]
3D structural database of biochemical components2073 herbs, 10,564 compounds[16]
TCM database@Taiwan453 herbs, 20,000 compounds[17]
Traditional Chinese medicine information database (TCM-ID)1197 formulae, 1313 herbs, ~9000 compounds[18]
TCM drugs information system1712 formulae, 2738 herbs, 16,500 compounds, 868 dietotherapy prescription[19]
Comprehensive herbal medicine information system for cancer (CHMIS-C)203 formulae, 900 herbs, 8500 compounds[20]
China natural products database (CNPD)45,055 compounds[21]
Marine natural products database (MNPD)8078 compounds, 3200 with bioactivity data[22]
Bioactive plant compounds database (BPCD)2794 compounds[15] formulations
Dictionary of Chinese herbsTCM formulae, toxicity, and side effects
Plants for a futureHerb medical usage and potential side effects