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Research Article

Efficacy of Modified Ban Xia Xie Xin Decoction on Functional Dyspepsia of Cold and Heat in Complexity Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Table 5

Percentage of TDS and SDS score improvements after 4 weeks of treatment.

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Gastroenterologist TDS scores 66.7%33.7%
Gastroenterologist SDS scores
 Epigastric pain68.3%25.4%
 Epigastric burning66.9%10.5%
 Postprandial fullness and bloating63.9%32.1%
 Early satiety75.5%45.2%
Patient TDS scores 65.9%32.4%
Patient SDS scores
 Epigastric pain68.5%27.9%
 Epigastric burning67.9%12.3%
 Postprandial fullness and bloating65.1%29.3%
 Early satiety75.1%45.6%