Table 1: Baseline characteristics.

CharacteristicsIntegrative medicine groupRheumatology group value
Male/Female, No.0/282/18

Age, years 0.516
Body mass index, kg/m2 0.281
SBP, mm Hg 0.072
DBP, mm Hg 0.656
Physical well-being 0.089
Practice of exercise, No. /(%)21 (75.0%)13 (65.0%)0.452
Practice of Relaxation, No. /(%)8 (28.5%)5 (25.0%)0.784
FIQ score 0.004
Pain score 0.135
Quality of sleep 0.191
STAI state score 0.027
STAI trait score 0.341
HADS-Anxiety 0.607
HADS-Depression 0.055

Values are mean SD if not indicated otherwise. SBP: systolic blood pressure; DBP: diastolic blood pressure.
STAI: State and Trait Anxiety questionnaire, FIQ: Fibromyalgia impact questionnaire; HADS: Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale.