Table 4: Correlations between spiritual needs, quality of life/life satisfaction, and mood states.

Religious needsExistential needsInner peace needsGiving/generativity

Spiritual needs (SpNQ)
 Religious needs10.304**0.398**0.360**
 Existential needs10.537**0.450**
 Inner peace needs10.622**
Religious trust (SpREUK)0.759**0.1110.286**0.236
Life satisfaction/quality of life
 FLQM index−0.079−0.149−0.294**−0.056
 BMLSS sum score0.010−0.213−0.279**−0.097
 Daily life affections (VAS)0.1720.2560.2080.262**
Mood states (ASTS)
 Positive mood0.0430.047−0.0850.219

< .01 (Pearson). ASTS: Profile of Mood States; BMLSS: Brief Multidimensional Life Satisfaction Scale; FLQM: “quality of life in elders with multimorbidity” questionnaire; SpNQ: Spiritual Needs Questionnaire; SpREUK: “Spiritual and Religious Attitudes in Dealing with Illness” questionnaire; VAS: visual analogue scale.