Hatha: Traditional yoga that includes combinations of posture, breathing, and meditation.
Hot: Sequence of postures performed in a heated room (35–40°C).
Integrated Approach to Yoga Therapy (IAYT): Physical postures, breathing, meditation, and theory of yoga progression (kriya).
Iyengar: Created by BKS Iyengar; precision method of Hatha using emphasis on strength, balance, and use of props.
Usually slow movement and holding poses.
Kundalini: Focuses on awakening life force located at base of spine, repetitive movements, sensory awareness with
physical postures, breathing, mental, and spiritual discipline.
Kriya: Progressive, transitional yoga with techniques to accelerate spiritual development and self-realization.
Raj: Raj or Raja practice to know higher self with focus on concentration and meditative techniques, limited
physical movement.
Restorative: Gentle practice, resting in postures for deep relaxation.
Sahaja: Seeks transformation of self with focus on energy flow, breath, and meditation; similar to Kundalini.
Siddha Smadhi: Results-oriented yoga based on four pillars of proper nutrition, breathing, light exercise, and
daily meditation.
Tibetan: Combines posture, breath, and motion similar to Hatha with origins in Nepal.
Viniyoga: Adaptive yoga technique with posture, breath, chanting, and meditation.
Vinyasa: Flow yoga, linking postures in continuous motion, includes breath and meditation.
Water Yoga: Physical postures in heated water to encourage greater comfort, resistance, and range of motion.
Yoga of Awareness: An 8-week course with gentle physical stretching, meditation, and breathing techniques.
Box 2: Types of yoga intervention.