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Research Article

Pomegranate Juice Augments Memory and fMRI Activity in Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Mild Memory Complaints

Table 2

Spatial memory fMRI activation clusters. ANOVA results showing the coordinates of maximally activated voxels of clusters for pomegranate juice group > placebo group for greater than ( , corrected ). No regions were found for placebo > pomegranate for .

Spatial memory task MNI coordinates (mm)

 Subcortical regions
  Right thalamus18 82.60
  Right pallidum22 22.98
  Right putamen30 03.51
  Left thalamus 103.44
  Left pallidum 3.34
  Left caudate 103.06

 Frontal Lobe
  Left paracingulate gyrus, superior frontal gyrus 36384.23
  Left middle frontal gyrus 24443.19
  Left middle frontal gyrus 2403.1
  Left precentral gyrus 0523.06
  Left inferior frontal gyrus, pars opercularis 12282.78
  Left middle frontal gyrus, frontal pole 32282.75
  Right putamen30 03.49
  Right pallidum26 03.25
  Left pallidum 03.15
  Left Thalamus 123.67
  Left Thalamus 03.39