Figure 7: Colorectal cancer xenograft growth was suppressed by CB-PIC(20 and 50 mg/kg body weight) in female athymic nude mice. Starting three days after SW620 cell inoculation, CB-PIC (20 and 50 mg/kg body weight) was injected in abdomen with 4% Tween 20 as vehicle once daily. (a) Body weights of mice. (b) Tumor growth in a time course. (c) Final tumor weight at termination of experiment. (d) Representative examples of immunohistochemical staining for Ki-67, CD34, TUNEL, CA IX and pAMPK in tumor sections. Graphs show the Ki67 index (proliferation), CD34 index (angiogenesis), TUNEL index (apoptosis), CA IX (hypoxia region), and pAMPK index in tumor sections. Values are means SD, . and compared with control mice.