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Review Article

Systematic Review of Chinese Medicine for Miscarriage during Early Pregnancy

Table 4

Top 10 of most commonly studied individual Chinese medicines for threatened miscarriage.

OrderEnglish nameBiological nameFrequency*Mean daily doseaTherapeutic actionsbOther applicationsc

1Largehead Atractylodes RhizomeRhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae 59 (41%)12.7 gPrevent miscarriage

2Chinese Dodder SeedSemen Cuscutae 55 (38%)21.8 gPrevent miscarriage and prelaborCataract, diarrhea, sperm abnormality, chronic prostatitis.

3Himalayan Teasel RootRadix Dipsaci 55 (38%)15.3 gStop vaginal bleeding Prevent miscarriage Fractures and injuries, Lower back pain.

4Donkey-hide GlueColla Corii Asini 49 (35%)6.3 gIncrease platelet count Stop vaginal spotting Chronic bleeding, anemia, tuberculosis, uterine fibroids, endometriosis.

5Chinese Taxillus TwigHerba Taxilli 48 (34%)17.9 gPrevent miscarriage
Lower high blood pressure
Lower back pain, tendons atrophy.

6Milkvetch RootRadix Astragali 48 (34%)22.9 gChronic nephritis, diabetes mellitus, diuresis.

7White Peony RootRadix Paeoniae Alba 44 (31%)15.5 gRegulate menstruationAbdomen and limb pain, check sweating.

8Chinese AngelicaRadix Angelicae Sinensis 42 (29%)10.1 gImprove blood circulation
Regulate menstruation
General pain, bowels overactivity.

9Liquorice RootRadix Et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae 40 (28%)6.2 gDetoxification, dispel phlegm, coughing, spasmodic pain.

10Baical Skullcap rootRadix Scutellariae 35 (24%)10.1 gStop vaginal bleeding
Prevent miscarriage

% is the number of literature of each formula/total amount of literature * 100.
aThe mean of the reported daily dose in all included clinical trials.
bFunctions of Chinese herbal medicines as treatment to threatened miscarriages.
cOther functions of Chinese herbal medicines as treatment to other disorders.