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Review Article

Pharmacopuncture for Cancer Care: A Systematic Review

Table 4

ROB assessment for the included studies by symptom: pain, nausea and vomiting, ileus, hiccup, fever, QOL, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

AuthorRandom sequence generationAllocation concealmentBlinding of participantsBlinding of outcome assessmentIncomplete outcome dataSelective reporting

 Liu 2010 [16] UUNNYY
 Li 2009 [17] UUNNYY
 Shen 2009 [18]UUNNYY
 Dou et al. 2004 [19] UUNNYY
 Wang et al. 2004a [20]UUNNYY
 Wang et al. 2004b [21]UUNNYY
 Bai 2003 [22]UUNNYY
 Guan et al. 2001 [23]UUNNYY

Nausea and vomiting
 Liu et al. 2011 [24] UUNNYY
 Yang et al. 2011 [25]UUNNYY
 You et al. 2009 [26] UYNNYY
 Chen 2007 [27]UUNNYY
 Hu 2003 [28]UUNNYY
 Tao et al. 2000 [29]UUNNYY

 Chen et al. 2010 [31] UUNNYY
 Feng et al. 2007 [32]UUNNYY

 Sui and Zhang 2009 [33] UUNNYY
 Xia et al. 2000 [34]UUNNYY

 Yan et al. 1999 [35] UUNNYY
 Yan et al. 1997 [36]UUNNYN

 Xue 2005 [37]UUNNYY

Gastrointestinal symptoms
 Zhao et al. 2008 [38]UUNNYY

ROB was assessed using the ROB assessment tool from the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions [39].
N: no (high risk of bias); QOL: quality of life; ROB: risk of bias; U: Unclear (uncertain risk of bias); Y: yes (low risk of bias).