Research Article

The Overlap of Dietary Supplement and Pharmaceutical Use in the MIDUS National Study

Table 2

Demographic profiles for study cohort as a whole and with respect to use or nonuse of dietary supplements (DS) and pharmaceuticals (Rx).

Demographic characteristicTotal sample
( )
Neither DS nor Rx
( )
Any Rx
( )
Any DS
( )
Both DS and Rx
( )

 Female (%)55.743.3a59.4ab59.4ab62.3abc
Mean age (SD)56.2 (12.4)48.7 58.6 58.0 60.2
Median income$27,500–$29,999$22,000–$22,499$22,000–$22,499$32,500–$34,999$16,000–$17,999
Education (%)
 HS-GED or less33.231.0 31.1
 Some college28.827.629.128.229.9
 College or more38.041.4 39.1

when compared to the total sample (column 2).
when compared to “neither using DS (regularly) nor pharmaceuticals (in the last 30 days)” (column 3).
when compared to “any Rx” (column 4).
when compared to “any DS” (column 5).